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33" Medieval Steel Viking Raider Sword & Scabbard

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33" Medieval Steel Viking Raider Sword & Scabbard


The Viking sword is a new form of spatha, evolving out of the Migration Period sword in the 8th century, and evolving into the classical knightly sword in the 11th century with the emergence of larger crossguards.

Viking swords are normally about 37 inches in length overall and will, especially toward the later part of the period, show increasing taper towards the point and a deeper central fuller in the center of each blade face. Pattern welding diminishes during the middle of this epoch to be replaced by iron inlaid names and designs usually formed with twisted rods, such as were used in pattern-welding, hot-forged into the surface of the blade. This is a reproduction of early Viking Age Spatha sword suitable for collection, stage performance, and reenactment.

The sword is measured at 33” long, it features a 440 stainless steel constructed blade. The blade is slightly sharpened and measured at 27”. A ridge runs the length of the blade with a fuller down half then length. The traditional arch shaped guard is made by solid steel.

The handle fits for one hand and is made by steel wrapped with leather. The pommel is steel in the transitional design of the early Viking period. Comes with the sword is a wood constructed scabbard with imitation leather wrap. The drag and scabbard throat are bronzed steel. A set of suspension rings allows the sword to hung from the wait or the back.


  • 440 Stainless steel blade |
  • 33" Medieval Steel Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab |
  • Wood scabbard with imitation leather wrap | Imitation leather-wrapped handle |
  • Scabbard features bronze throat and scabbard


Unless indicated differently in each product description, our shields are made out of 15mm thick birch plywood and consolidated by a steel hand-hammered umbo and iron bolts.

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We offer free US shipping. The average estimated shipping time is 30 days, including a 7 to 15 days of production for our more complex handmade crafts.

Unless advised otherwise under each product listing, we have a 30-day return policy and a hassle free return policy if you are not satisfied with your item. Terms and conditions apply.


Unless indicated otherwise, our shields have a 24 inches diameter (61 cm) and weights around 6.6 pounds (3 kg)
Because these are handmade products made with real wood blanks the sizes, textures and overall appearance may vary from the product photos and description. Some blanks might be smaller than anticipated, or larger sizes too thick to transport at a low cost. 

Care Instructions

We recommend applying three or four times per year some beeswax polish to protect the wood surface from moisture and sunlight. Apply the oil onto a lint-free cloth and rub into the wooden surface following the direction of the grain. Leave for 3-4 minutes and buff over with a clean cloth.

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We take great pride in creating by hand, and with the highest quality materials authentic viking crafts for raiding, display, and collection purposes.

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